Who We Are:
Silencers and suppression systems have been our specialty since 1986. We take great pride in making super quiet guns and ammunition.

As for performance, we are quite proud of our products. Our suppression systems perform as well as or even better than anything currently available.

While we cannot control every aspect of a shooting system and variations in performance will always be encountered, our products will put a smile on your face.






Our Goal:
We want HAPPY clients. We work hard each and every time we build a suppressor to make sure its something you can enjoy and want to show off! There's no better way to grow our business than to create happy customers.






Dark Horse Takes Suppressor Performance to the Next Level

The renowned custom suppression system and silencer manufacturer is now under new ownership and located in Santa Anna, TX. Serving the Abilene, Dallas & Fort Worth, TX area

You'll love Dark Horse, a custom suppressor manufacturer in Santa Anna, TX and serving the Abilene, Dallas & Fort Worth, TX areas. You can browse our online stock and we are open to requests for custom upgrades to your firearms.

You can even ask us to build you a custom suppressed firearm based on your specifications. We do enjoy new projects!

See why our customers are so consistently satisfied with our products and customer service.

Providing suppression manufacturing for over 30 years

Why should you visit our online store? You can request a suppressed firearm or upgrade your favorite firearm with one of our suppressors. Dark Horse is a suppressor manufacturer in Santa Anna, Texas, serving the  Abilene, Dallas & Fort Worth, TX area area, selling:


Find the silencer or integrally suppressed gun for you by calling 325-348-3212.



Get your silencer, suppressor, and subsonic ammunition right here

You want only the highest-quality silencer and ammo for your firearm. Fortunately, that's all we carry and create. Dark Horse was one of the first companies in the country to offer internal/integral suppression systems. Today, our customers still rely on us to stay on top of the latest updates in silencer and firearm technology.

Up your game by calling or visiting the top online suppressor manufacturer's store today.


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