Integral Suppression Systems

Integral Suppression Systems

Dark Horse has long been well known as the go-to suppressor manufacturer for integrally suppressed rifles and pistols.

Our integral systems offer the quietest operation possible in a light, compact, attractive design. The overall lengths and weights of our integrals are often very similar to the original factory unsuppressed firearms. All components of the systems as well as the integration to the host firearms are manufactured and performed at our facility in Santa Anna, TX,  serving the Abilene, Eastland & Fort Worth, TX area. Often referred to as "fully suppressed" or "internally suppressed", our integral systems utilize the full length of the barrel for sound suppression vs a muzzle mount silencer which begins suppression at the end of the barrel. The barrel resides within the tube (or sleeve), hence the terms "internal" and "integral." This elegant design allows a much longer than standard suppressor in a smaller space than otherwise possible. Imagine, if you will, a 20" suppressor threaded to the muzzle of a rifle; not practical. Our integral systems bring that level of suppression into a very compact and user friendly design.

Our integrally suppressed rimfire pistols and rifles perform at or near bb gun sound levels with standard off the shelf ammunition. When customers visit the shop for a demo and hear just how quiet they are, the initial comments and reactions are invariably either, "WOW!" or "You've got to be kidding me!"

Dark Horse integrally suppressed centerfire rifles have been sold to customers in Texas and across the nation for many years. We continually receive orders from returning customers as well as new customers with that "friend who's got one". Combined with Dark Horse subsonic ammunition, many of our integrally suppressed rifles provide sound suppression noise levels on par with pellet guns. Recoil is virtually eliminated, an important benefit for new shooters, youth hunters, as well as the disabled. It is quite often we hear, "my daughter was afraid to shoot a gun before I bought my Dark Horse rifle. Now she hunts with me all season, and she's no longer afraid to shoot a deer because of the recoil and sound." These words are often followed up with (jokingly), "Now, I need to buy another one so I can use it too." Being a family owned business, bringing new shooters to the sport and families together is a strong point of pride for us.

Along with recreational hunting, our suppressed rifles are often utilized for predator control, feral hog eradication efforts, and wild/exotic game management by private landowners and professional game managers. Government entities such as the USDA also rely on our integrally suppressed firearms for use in sensitive areas such as wildlife preserves.

Although many of our integrally suppressed firearms are thoroughly developed and time tested, we are constantly innovating and developing new products and designs to bring to market. We often work hand in hand with our customers to build their ideas into new creations. If you have an idea for an integrally suppressed firearm not seen on our site, give us a call to discuss with a team member, and/or set up an appointment to visit our shop in Santa Anna, TX.  Serving the Abilene, Eastland, Dallas & Fort Worth, TX area.