Muzzle Mount Suppressors

Dark Horse is well known for our integral systems, but our muzzle mount suppressors are also, in our opinion, the cream of the crop and what started it all back in 1986. Our thread-on silencers benefit from well over 30 years of research and development. The level of quality and performance that has evolved at a competitive price speaks for itself.

We are so often asked at trade shows by people noticing the quality of our product, "Where do you get these suppressors?" or "Who makes your suppressors?" The answer is easy, "We make them." We start with the highest quality tubing and bar stock. Each and every component is machined, turned, fitted, welded, engraved, and coated in our facility in Santa Anna, TX with pride and care.  Serving the Abilene, Eastland & Weatherford, TX area. We are NOT mass producing silencers. Our suppressors are made in small batches, and we have resisted sacrificing quality and, most of all, performance in favor of low-cost mass production techniques, designs, and materials.

Our centerfire muzzle mount suppressors utilize a K Baffle design. Although costly for us to manufacture, with up to 10 machining operations per baffle, in our experience, this design provides unequalled performance. That level of performance is something we are unwilling to compromise. Our titanium baffle stacks are fully tig welded, turned to precise size, press fit, and locked into our fully welded precision silencer tube. All of this work happens here at the facility in Santa Anna, TX.  Serving the Abilene, Eastland & Weatherford, TX area. 

Very few of our customers stop at just one of our suppressors. Once a customer has one, and puts it to use, they can see (and hear) the difference in performance our silencers provide. Their follow up orders often are not just one, but two or three. Some even come back to purchase one for every gun they own and refer their friends and colleagues to us. That returning business and customer belief in our suppressors is a point of pride for our company. This customer loyalty and enthusiasm in our silencers cannot be easily duplicated because it took us years to get here.

Our muzzle mount suppressors have been used and praised by everyone from average gun enthusiasts, recreational hunters, competition target shooters, pro-hunters, game managers, government predator hunters, well known hunting program hosts, law enforcement at all levels, special forces personnel, and even the US Navy.